Elastic Bonding / Babel visningsrom / Trondheim (NO) 2019


This version of Elastic Bonding uses the three openings of Babel visningsrom as a starting point and reference for creating three voids that is converted into elongations from the opposing walls. The elongations are stretched toward the main exhibition space by the connected bodies at the other end.


Three frames are fastened in the three openings from the main exhibitions space at Babel visningsrom. Stretch lamé is fastened and stretched inward toward a framework attached at the opposing walls of the adjoining rooms. This creates three voids that cut the entrance to the other rooms. From the inner frames elongations made of transparent stretch mesh are strained toward the main exhibition space by the bodies connected at the other end.


The bodies lean on the elasticity and use it as a medium for movement.


The three bodies are all connected through a network of silicone tubing filled with water, air and titanium dioxide. The tubing runs through the body suit and its opening in the belly and at the transition between body and elongation. One of the bodies breathes into the tube system which causes a movement of water and air inside the tubes.


Duration: 2 hours

Performed by: Marie Rechsteiner, Karoline Bergh Ellingsen and Gunhild Løhre.

Material: Stretch lamé, silicone tubing, water, titanium dioxide, construction wood

Size: Outer frameworks; 129*263 cm, 166*290 cm, 110*218 cm; Inner frameworks: 65*109 cm; 102*240 cm, 20*20 cm; Length of textile voids: 443 cm, 322 cm, 443 cm; Length of textile elongations: 7 m, 11 m.


The project is supported by Arts Council Norway, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Trondheim kommune and Trøndelag fylkeskommune.


Photos: Susann Jamtøy