Elastic still lives, HI GORDON, Schlossgasse, Vienna (AT)


Curated by Ala Glasner (DE) and Catharina Bond (AT) in a former cabinet factory in the centre of Vienna


Elastic still lives seeks to visualize elasticity in between two, caressing the ceaseless endeavor of interpersonal balance.

Two bodies are connected over an extended tube. By molding them I attempt to come closer the idea of body as sculpture.


What forms do us create?


Who am I in relation to you?


Mutual reliance emerges as the bodies lean on the weight of the other, in constant search for equilibrium.


The sculpture is activated at three occasions during the opening weekend.


Performed by: Chiara Bartl-Salvi and Pia Wu

Duration: 1 hour per session.


Material: Neoprene, lycra and polystyrene

Size: Podium: 70*240*25 cm. Installation room: 270*380 cm.


Photos: Malin Bülow




The project was supported by: OCA: Office for Contemporary Art Norway