Firkanta elastisitet - skulptur i spenn / Performance festival Kunstbanken - hedmark kunstsenter / Hamar (NO) 2017


This version of Firkanta elastisitet - Skulptur i spenn (Squared elasticity - Strained sculpture) is made site specific for Store Salen at Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstsenter. The two frames fully covers the two only openings of the exhibition hall, meaning the audience is locked inside for the full length of the performance.


In the beginning there are two bodies and two frames dressed in grey lycra. At this point the bodies and the tubes are disconnected. Te audience enter the space through the left grey tube. There is a small, but stretchable opening in each of them . exactly as big as to fit one body at a time inside the space. The audience have been asked to wear soft earplugs to make them more aware of their own breath and to distance them from verbal communication with each other. When the audience has entered through the hole, the two dancers connect themselves to the grey elastic tubes fastened to the two frames, one in each opening. This action cuts the exit of the exhibition hall and the audience is left inside for the full length of the performance. Expanded the tubes take on a monumental aspect - the softness seem hard. Very slowly the dancers seek positions that investigates the tension and elasticity of the materiality, something that initiates an ambivalent sense of rigidity and flexibility. The bodies seem locked within their own framework, they literally are fixed to and become one with their squared anchoring. At the same time their positions are elastic and the materiality is used as a medium for movement. The movement are so still, it is best described as an elastic sculpture or a performative stillife.


Performed by: Aslak Aune Nygård, Wanda Breistrand and Karen Lynne Bjerknesli

Duration: 1 hour

Material: Lycra, wooden frames

Size: Frames in the opening: 276*247 cm. Stretched tubes: 4,5m; 8 m.



Photo: Fruzsina Berkes and Malin Bülow



The project is supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond