Kroppsligt (in) fusionsförfarande / Potentiella fält för emotionell propagering / Poetisk tystnad / Pulmonell aktivitet / Positionsbestämmelse # 3. / Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (NO) 2016

Kroppsligt (in) fusionsförfarande is a fluid system of water encapsulated within two intricate tube systems.

The first water systems penetrates an open wall structure made of ash, divided into four segments. The segments are connected with webbing and slide release buckles. Stainless steel applications hold the tube system in place. There are two open ends to the system that runs to the mouth of two bodies, forming a bodily activated enclosed system. The water levels move rhythmically and slowly, up and down.

The second water system penetrates a solid paraffin wax block from nine angles. An impeller pump moves the water from a plexi-glass cylinder, through the wax block and back to the cylinder, forming a mechanically activated enclosed system. The impeller pump is active in cycles; 30 minutes on, 15 minutes off.

The bodily driven system and the mechanically driven system have one juncture point on the front side of the wax block.

Bodily activation of sculpture: Seven occasions spread over seven days. Three hours per session

Performed by: Anne Oortwijn, Karen Lynne Bjerknesli, Aslak Aune Nygård, and Wanda Breistrand

Material: Paraffin wax, ash, pvc tubing, silicone tubing, stainless steel, impeller pump, voltage adapter, webbing, stainless steel slide release buckles, plexi-glass cylinder, water, stainless steel construction clamps

Size: Ash-segment; 215*122*40 cm. Solid wax block: 205*112*7 cm. Total size of four connected ash segments: 215*488*40 cm. Total size of installation, tubing and bodies included: 215*1500*700 cm