Longitudinell syretillförsel / Avvaktande anspråk, RAKE visningsrom, Trondheim (NO) 2016

A body lies on a structure reminding of a stretcher fastened in the ceiling beams, 110 cm under the ceiling, 250 cm above ground. The body is connected to an encapsulated tube system filled of water and air, below her. She links in via a plastic tube that first runs through two holes in her dress located between her legs and then to her mouth. Her lung activity moves the water rhythmically and slowly.


Bodily activation of sculpture: All through the exhibition; four hours a day; eight days in total.

Performed by: Malin Bülow and Magnhild Fossum

Material: Ash, polypropylene webbing, threaded screws, nuts, pvc tubing, silicone tubing, water

Size: Installation volume: 360*620*250 cm. Stretcher size: 270*80*70 cm