Scenario 32, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (NL) 2012

 Scenario 32 takes place in a sharply lit, white cell. Size 7 * 4 * 5 metre. The floor is fully covered with white-nuanced intestinal tubes made of nylon and filled with sand. One wall is glass-framed facing a narrow street in old Tilburg. The viewers are positioned outside the space looking through the glass.


First body enters the room. She wears a metal plate around her right leg through which she connects herself with the excessive mass of intestinal insides on the ground. She carries the weight of the tube positioning herself in a corner. Five minutes later the second body enters the room wearing a metal plate around her left arm. She connects herself to the intestinal mass on the floor. The third body wearing a metal plate around her neck with two anchoring points, enters the room another five minutes later. The other two bodies approach her slowly. They connect the third body with one intestinal tube each. The movements are still, a slight shiver turns into a repeated movement propagating from one body to the others. At moments the bodies seem dead. After 2 hours the artist approaches the room, dismantling the bodies from their internal connection.


Duration: 2 hours

Performed by Sayaka Akitsu, Silvia Bennett and Anne van Duuren