Scenario 33 / Encapsulated disruption / Transmitted tremor,  Gallerie het Langhuis,  Performance Plus Festival, Zwolle (NL) 2013

Two bodies. Sharp hoooks, gelantinated intestines, crawling weight of dense infusion tubes, a hanged bed construction, metal armatures, attached on the wrist joint and the thigh bone. The tubes penetrate at exactly those corporal positions.

Score: Very still movements, layered with subtle and sudden tremors. As if a slight electric shock activates your limb at the positions where the dense infusion tube penetrates. That tremor propagates to the other body activating her limb in a synchronized pattern. The subtle tremor starts from the limb of junction spreading through the entire body. This all occurs in cycles and depends on the other body. They are interconnected through the massive weight in the middle.

Duration: 90 minutes

Performed by: Sayaka Akitsu and Silvia Bennet

Material: Nylon tubes, sand, pork intestines, gelentine, water, steel armature, sharp steel hooks, mattress, wood, bed construction, various fabric, leather, various objects, ribbon