Mute Conection / Part 1 / 2015 / Mäkelänkatu 36, Olohuonenäyttely, Helsinki, (FI)

Mute Connection is a fluid system of water encapsulated within an intricate tube system, penetrating a tabletop, branching at four positions, leaving two ends open. The system is sustained by two bodies, placed on chairs on opposite sides of a table. The open ends of the tubing go to the mouth of the bodies. An enclosed system is formed. The rhythmical breathing initiates a silent movement of water in between them. The schematic drawing is an overview of the tube system. It illustrates how it connects to the bodies and where it penetrates the tabletop.

Part 1 is installed and performed in the living room of a flat, as part of Olohuonenäyttely – a contemporary art exhibition in private rooms in Helsinki, Finland. Visitors face the installation on a distance when entering the hallway. They sit down on the floor surrounding the installation viewing the ongoing performance.


Duration: 4 hours. Performed on two occasions during the exhibition

Performed by: Riikka Ihalainen and Sergio Convertito

Material: PVC tubes, water, anchoring material in stainless steel, table, two chairs, various fabric