seances with materials / nastupiste 1 - 12, Topolcany (SK) 2017


Séances with materials is a landscape of performative sculptures, where asp, beeswax, birch, birch bark, birch sap, chain, clay, copper, dough, electrical circuits, electric fields, lime tree, metal wire, paraffin wax, peristaltic pumps, rabbit skin, silicone tubing and water are activated and recorded. In dialogues with the materials and each other we enter séances that are stretched into durational performances which repeats itself without a clear start or end. Breathing, pumping and leaking bodies creates a sound wave of repetitive mantras, aiming to break the sculptural stillness and silence.


The exhibition at Nastupiste 1-12 is a continuation and new development of an exhibition serie that earlier has been shown at Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen (DK) and at Podium in Oslo (NO) 2015.


A collaboration with Sara Rönnbäck, Daniel Slåttnes and Andreas Hald Oxenvad.