Props for habitat: Prelude to wrinkled diamond – a jelly-like capula is loosing her centre of gravity, Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL) 2012

On the act of inhabiting a stick or balancing the contained. Madame B’s living space is slightly tilted and I am transplanting the skin of her walls. Boxed realities. One is a prototype of a hanging wheelchair. Another a facial reminder of uncontrolled growth. The third is a needle biopsy from the adductor muscle of an old lady. With grace. Bone marrow of chains and magic dough. Peristaltic attempts. A cabinet-of wonder habitat, where flesh and juice and abstraction struggle with bones and structure and the concrete.


Material: Nylon, sand, dough, chains, wood, plaster, various fabric, ribbons, pork intestines, gelantine, metal rods, wire, cables, doors, LED lights, various found objects, papier maché, foam, flat screens, vinyl floor, cheese cloth



Performance: A jelly-like capula is loosing her centre of gravity


Two bodies are zipped together head to head through a six metre long stretchy tube. The movements are slow and investigative in relation to the other body and the shapes around. The tension created over the connection is a constant reminder of its dual restrictions.

Performed by: Sayaka Akitsu and Maria Mavridou

Duration: 1 hour. Performed at six occasions during the opening period