Noteringar och konstruktionsbestämmelser för kroppslig (in) fusionsestetik, One Night Only Gallery, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (NO) 2015

Scenario 2 connects two bodies, mouth to mouth, via an enclosed tube system of fluid water that penetrates an open wall structure. The wall structure divides the space into two equal halves. The bodies are placed on each side, constantly holding the tube between their lips. Their breathing initiates fluctuations of the water levels within the tubes. Movements are few and very still, changing body posture when there is a natural need to, standing, sitting and lying. Blanc faces, no eye contact, neither with the other, nor with the viewer. The viewers are let inside the space two by two, doors close behind them.

Size: Wall skeleton; 490 * 225 * 25 cm. Cell; 650 * 400 * 325 cm

Duration: 3 hours. Performed once throughout the opening hours

Performed by: Karen Lynne Bjerknesli and Ilya Glazkov

Material: Construction wood, mdf, cramps, PVC tubes, water, various fabric