Symbiotic sways / Cosmoscow International Art Fair / Moscow (RU) 2017


Symbiotic sways is a serie of three photographies that was presented by RAKE visningsrom during Cosmoscow International Art Fair in Moscow parallell to the performance Framed Elasticity.


Two bodies are connected over an elastic tube. By molding them I attempt to come closer the idea of the two bodies as one sculpture.


What forms do us create?


Who am I in relation to you?


Mutual reliance emerges as the bodies lean on the weight of the other. In constant search for equilibrium the work seaks to caress the ceaseless endeavor of interpersonal balance.


Size: 67,5 * 100 cm

Printed and mounted on aluminium

Framed with wooden ash frames



The photos were developped with assistance of Simen Øvergaard.