To lactate - to activate / Austrian Cultural Forum / Berlin (DE) 2019


To lactate – to activate was shown at Austrian Cultural Forum in Berlin as part of the group exhibition Body in Progress, curated by Ala Glasner.

One frame made of stainless steel tubes and two-way connector clamps is attached to the wall leaving the inside of the tube open for the audience. The textile structure is made of neoprene, stretch lamé and stretch mesh. Silicone tubing filled with water and titanium dioxide literally connects the body with the squared stainless steal structures. The tube and the liquid moves as the body change her position. Gravity, elasticity and deep breathing are used as initiators of movement.

Duration: 2 hours

Performed by: Marie Rechsteiner


Material: Stretch lamé, stretch mesh, neoprene, silicone tubing, water, titanium dioxide, stainless steal tubes, two-way connector clamps, base-plate connector clamps


Size: Stainless steal frameworks: 200*200*100; Elastic elongation: 4,5 m; Installation area: 4 * 5 m


The project is supported by: Arts Council Norway and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond


Photo: Paula Winkler